Critical Fashion Workshop encourages collaboration between MA programmes

Last week, Hannah Korsmeyer (2015 graduate of the MA in Design: Critical Practice) and Cyrielle Andre (MA Fashion, 2015) led a Critical Fashion Workshop, a day of collaboration across programs within the Goldsmiths MA Design Department. The event has been announced here, and now Hannah & Cyrielle are sharing with us the highlights of the day:

“Working together in the studio, the day began with an exploration of the students’ own understanding of what “critical practice” and “fashion” are and where these fields overlap.

Based on the interesting common points or surprising opposition between these two fields, the students created their own design briefs,which they then developed throughout the day using non-verbal methods.

How does the process of making and prototyping reveal new ideas and unexpected insights ?

How does the process of making encourage shifts in the way designers respond to a brief ?

Hannah and Cyrielle, who met within the Goldsmiths design studio culture despite being on different courses, hope this workshop helped foster further collaboration between the Critical Practice and Fashion programmes.”

Images courtesy of Hannah Korsmeyer and Cyrielle Andre

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