Alumni news round-up, January 2021

Playful communication devices designed by the Interaction Research Studio keep you connected with loved ones

Yo-Yo machines prototypes

The Interaction Research Studio have recently launched Yo-Yo Machines, a project developed with UK Covid 19 research funding to support people separated from friends and family and help them maintain connections while they are physically separated by pandemic restrictions.

The devices are very low cost (around £25 a pair) and people can build them at home by following simple instructions (like a recipe) to assemble off-the-shelf components. They can be made with paper plates, cereal boxes, jam jars and other household items. Continue reading “Playful communication devices designed by the Interaction Research Studio keep you connected with loved ones”

Found in Translation: Yue Qiu

This year’s MA in Design: Expanded Practice degree show, “Found in Translation” is taking place online starting December 7th until the end of the month. The Design blog is taking a closer look at some of the work created by the class of 2020; today, Yue Qiu (Rachel).

A simulation of cutting the cucumber

What’s your project about in a nutshell? 

In brief, this project is about using the cucumber as the primary tool to explore the complexity of the world, especially engaging this element in different dimensions as well as the time and space, and building simulacra in various kinds of ways. Meanwhile, it is about doing unconscious training and exploring the correlated action logic, as well as looking for my methodology of creation, combining the framework of “Orders of Simulacra” by Jean Baudrillard, and designing a website as my outcome to organize the whole process. Continue reading “Found in Translation: Yue Qiu”

Rose Sinclair recognised with Special Award for Civic Engagement

Caribbean Front Room installation
Rose Sinclair’s Caribbean Front Room installation

Dr John Price (Department of History) and Rose Sinclair (Department of Design) were recognised with a Special Award for Civic Engagement at the Warden’s Annual Public Engagement Awards 2020, for the interdisciplinary project “Windrush: Arrival 1948”. The awards, which celebrate excellence in public engagement at Goldsmiths, were announced on Thursday, 10 December.

The “Windrush: Arrival 1948” project includes exhibitions, interactive installations, festival activities, and online resources, exploring moments of Arrival and Settlement in post-war Caribbean migration to the UK. Continue reading “Rose Sinclair recognised with Special Award for Civic Engagement”