MULTIPLEXER Malfiction lectures: GUFFETSCH


The team behind MULTIPLEXER (a journal produced by the Vehicles for Experimental Practice group) is organising a series of lectures in the Design department, with the first one happening on Tuesday, 21 February.

Ghida Bahsoun & Ingrid Rousseau of the multidisciplinary collective GUFFETSCH are visiting us to discuss their approach to expanded design practice. The talk (free and open to all) will take place at 5 30 pm in Room 342 of the Richard Hoggart Building.

Some information on GUFFETSCH:

Guffetsch has been awarded the Hans Wilsdorf Award, with a scholarship of CHF 50,000. The award will help them realize their ambitious long term aim to shoot a full season of ten episodes of their anthology docu-fictional web film series. Guffetsch uses Alfred Hitchcock’s concept of the McGuffin as a device to explore the creative process. The McGuffin is an object or device that enables the plot to unfold but which is not in itself of any dramatic value. As well as containing a McGuffin, an action film ostensibly being made is itself a McGuffin, important only as a device to enable the making of the documentary Guffetsch EP01. The name Guffetsch is a reference to both the McGuffin and the Aletsch Glacier, in Valais, Switzerland, where the idea saw the light of day. Guffetsch gives equal importance to the participants and the narration as well as the audience and the context. The company selects exceptional locations and applies a cinematographic layer of details to immerse the public in the event’s universe.

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