Connections: MA Fashion students on their first brief

IMG_2729Goldsmiths Design’s first class of MA Fashion students are just getting to know each other, and what better way to bond than working together? For their first brief, Connections,the students brought old clothing items they no longer wear and stitched them together into a quilt that will be officially presented to the world on Friday. The project is part of the course’s focus on sustainability and its definitions for this term. Continue reading “Connections: MA Fashion students on their first brief”

Typology and The Beautiful Nothing

Goldsmiths Design MRes student Karl Grupe will be amongst the tutors conducting workshops and seminars at this year’s Urban Photo Fest. Karl’s session, which takes place on October 8th, is called “Typology and The Beautiful Nothing” and it will focus on exploring typology as a method of communication. You can find here a full list of the workshops at Urban Photo Fest (including a few sessions happening on campus at Goldsmiths)  and find out more details on costs, location and required materials.

Urban Photo Fest is a London-based photographic festival celebrating the urban space, and the 2013 edition takes place between the 3rd and the 12th of October.

karl grupe
Photo by Karl Grupe

Super Experience Club Presents

This year’s third years are showing their entrepreneurial spirit. It’s just week 1 of term and they’ve already formed an experience design group to organise events to fundraise for their show. Perhaps this is the Nelly Ben Hayoun effect from the workshop she ran in their second year?

The first one promises an escape from the realities of an October evening in New Cross:

Super Experience Club

Check back for more news from the third years and to find out about their future Super Experience Club events.

Nadine Jarvis

Recovery mode

Apologies for our absence in recent weeks, we’ve learnt a hard but important lesson about the fragility of on-line data. Our host had a server failure which resulted in the loss of our site. So far we have been unable to restore it, so in the meantime we are pitchin’ up here so we can keep a resemblance of ‘business-as-usual’. Rebuilding our past will take longer than building our future. So if you are missing past articles please bare with us.

Nadine Jarvis

Image via Flickr Creative Commons