Design Summer School for students of Miriam College, Philippines

On 19-24 June, Liboni Munnings (Technical Tutor at Goldsmiths Design) and Hefin Jones (Associate Lecturer) ran a Design summer school for a small group of students from Miriam College in the Philippines.

The aim of the summer school was to introduce high school students to a diverse set of skills and practices that can be used across art and design study. Over a week, the students were exposed to a diversity of design ideas and specialisms, through practical workshops, visits and lectures, and they were engaged in a wide range of creative methods and processes.

The workshops acted to stimulate discussions about the role and function of design as a social, cultural, economic and environmental practice.


Music, catbots, saliva beer at the Goldsmiths BA Design show Hyphen

Last week, the BA Design class of 2017 exhibited their graduation work at the Truman Brewery. The show, called Hyphen, brought together a wide range of innovative projects, exploring themes from technology to our relationship with nature, from social issues to surprising twists on everyday items.

The exhibition included a number of live presentations, such as a cello performance for Imogen Piper’s project which turns data on airstrikes in Syria into music.

A couple of the graduation projects have already attracted attention from the press. Sydney Schaefer’s alcoholic drinks brewed with the help of her own saliva were featured in The Times; the development of Leah Thompson’s cat-inspired robots made an appearance on BBC One.

You can find more photos of the exhibition on our Facebook page. Videos and interviews with graduates will be coming soon to the Design blog.

“The System of Systems”: Design graduates launch publication on the asylum process

Goldsmiths Design graduates Danae Papazymouri and Rebecca Glyn-Blanco have teamed up with architectural historian Maria McLintock for “The System of Systems”, a project that investigates the asylum seeking process. The project comprises of an exhibition, whose contributors include James Bridle, Nana Varveropoulou, and Goldsmiths own Jimmy Loizeau and Liam Healy (Design Unlikely Futures) and a publication featuring work by Jack Self, Daniel Trilling, Olivia Head (Bread & Roses), amongst others. The launch of the publication is being supported by a crowdfunding campaign, to which you can contribute until 15 April.

“The System of Systems” interrogates how political powers in Europe are using technologies, from data collection to private companies, in bureaucratic systems which determine the fate of asylum seekers. Bringing together artists, designers, architects, academics, activists and practitioners, working across a range of mediums, the publication responds to the complex and knotty legal framework which individuals seeking asylum are forced to navigate, or, in many cases, elude.

The aim of the project is to open up vital conversations about the legal framework of seeking asylum in Europe, posing questions such as: What policies are we voting for as citizens of European countries, and what is our relationship to this issue? How does the system illegalise people? How are technologies used as processes of making and discrediting evidence?

The book will be a collection of essays, interviews and visual contributions and will be divided into three sections: LANGUAGE, TERRITORY and AGENCY. The exhibition will take place in Athens, 4-21 May at Grace gallery. Join the mailing list on the System of Systems website to be kept up to date with the latest news on the project.


On Wednesday, 29 March, MA Fashion student Smadar Eve Zohar will present an improvised performance of a fashion film-making process, part of the MA Fashion work-in-progress exhibition “Fashion Narratives” (currently on in the Constance Howard Gallery at Goldsmiths). RSVP on Facebook

Smadar Eve Zohar – Fashion Film Generator
Over the course of the three week exhibition you will be the audience to a process of a transformation; the narrative starting point is a visual research on pockets and their contemporary political contexts. This is visible throughout the first week of the exhibition. On the 29th of March 7pm, you are invited to witness a performative film rehearsal devised and improvised using the pocket research and props. The rehearsal narrative will be filmed and presented for the third week as an improvised and provocative fashion film.

The “Fashion Narratives” exhibition will remain open until 7 April on Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays. More photos of the exhibition can be found on our Facebook page.