Pi Studio events for Goldsmiths students: Pi Walks

Pi Walks - 2016

Next week, Goldsmiths Design’s Pi Studio invites students to explore how disruptive organisations innovate their services:

“Meet inspiring professionals, discover how innovation takes place in disruptive organisations and explore new tools and research methodologies in order to develop your service design skills.

Tuesday (26.01)

09:30am | Impact Hub King´s Cross

Wednesday (27.01)

10am | PDD

11:30am | Ostmodern

Thursday (28.01)

10am | Fab Lab London

2pm | The Young Foundation

3:30pm | Airbnb

Friday (29.01)

10:30am | Studio TILT 

Free and exclusive for Goldsmiths students. Register at www.labxd.org

Interaction Research Studio work at Big Bang Data show

There are many reasons to visit Big Bang Data, an exhibition on how data is transforming our world currently on at the Somerset House, but at least one of them is Goldsmiths related: work from the Interaction Research Studio is featured as part of the show.

The Prayer Companion
The Prayer Companion

The Prayer Companion is a device developed by the Interaction Research Studio for a group of Poor Clare Sisters at a monastery in York: Continue reading “Interaction Research Studio work at Big Bang Data show”

PhD by Design event @DRS2016

A message from the PhD by Design team:

“We’re happy to announce that the next PhD By Design event will take place on Monday the 27th June 2016 and is part of the Design Research Society (DRS) conference which runs on the 28th – 30th June 2016.

It is an opportunity to present work and discuss the diverse aspects of what it means to do a practice-based PhD in Design. In connection to the DRS conference, this one day event will explore what the future holds for design research and how this future is being enacted through practice-based PhD design projects right now.

Some questions we seek to explore are:

  • How do current PhDs in Design, frame and address the societal problems that face us?
  • In what ways are practice-based PhDs influencing ideas about Design and working as a designer?
  • How does current practice-based design research contribute to re-shaping our lives in more responsible, meaningful, and open ways?

Continue reading “PhD by Design event @DRS2016”