The Coffee Art Project competition

If you like coffee and creative contests, this is the right brief for you: The Coffee Art Project, one of the initiatives of UK Coffee Week, is holding an art competition open to up and coming artists from any medium, whether it’s a painting, a drawing, a film, a sculpture etc. The only requirement is a thematic connection to coffee or coffee shop experience.

The main objective of the project is to raise funds for Project Waterfall, an initiative supporting clean water and sanitation for the Mbulu District in Tanzania, in partnership with Water Aid Charity. Submitted artwork will be auctioned at The London Coffee Festival to this purpose.

The artists will also have the chance to win a cash prize of £1,500 (or £250 for five other shortlisted finalists). The entry form and more details about the competition are here.

Call for applications to a new creative marketplace in Camden

A new creative marketplace is getting ready to open in Camden: after being transformed by architectural design agency Build is Everything, 159 Camden High Street will welcome creative retailers in an open plan layout. The organizers of the new marketplace are looking for individual creators or businesses to run 10 market stalls from February to October 2014, so if you have work to display and sell, you may be interested in applying- you can find out more details about the terms of this opportunity here. The deadline for aplications is January 20th. In addition, there will also be pop-up shop opportunities throughout December and January, in partnership with We Are Pop Up (find out more about it and how to apply from their website).

Svenja Bickert on Design Thinking

Svenja Bickert graduated from the MA in Design Futures in 2012, and this year she is back at Goldsmiths Design as a visiting lecturer on the same course, bringing in the knowledge she acquired on the MA as well as in her professional practice to a new group of students? What was her experience on the course? What is she doing now? Here she is answering those questions (and others) herself, in an interview for the Design blog.

Q: What made you want to come back and teach on the MA in Design Futures?

A: I enjoyed the course when I was here, and I believe in Meta Design and the theory behind it. It’s quite exciting for me to be in the course now with students who are just starting. Because I was on the course myself, I know how they feel and what they may need, and because I graduated so recently, it’s easy to remember how it felt coming to the course and what I was, maybe, missing at that time.

Q: So what is the course about?

A: It’s a Meta Design course, meaning designing design, re-thinking design practice, and it’s also quite a loose framework, though it has specific tools and specific values. The whole course is quite ecologically and ethically-driven, and I really like that you can focus throughout the year on your practice, on how design practice could be different, and on how you could work differently yourself. I think that’s quite original, because normally you learn design and you learn about design being specific, graphic design, product design etc, but this course is about what design could be. I’ve never heard of a different course that put that at the heart of the course.

Q: What was the topic of your dissertation? Continue reading “Svenja Bickert on Design Thinking”