Design and Social Science seminars

The series of Design and Social Science seminars for 2013-2014 continues with its third event on January the 22nd, when the session titled “Through thick and thin: Data as Source and Resource” will be presented by the Interaction Research Studio from the Design Department at Goldsmiths and Noortje Marres from the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process in the Department of Sociology. The seminar takes place between 4 and 6 pm in room 137a of the Richard Hoggart building and, like all events in this series, it is free to attend.

The mission statement of this series is as follows: “This year the Design and Social Science Seminar Series explores the burgeoning analytic interest and methodological preoccupation with ‘data’ and the shifting terrain of data practices across design and social science. Incorporating lectures, workshops and demonstrations, the seminar series brings together a resonant range of events on data practices that provoke questions about the formation and force of data, the claims made for and through data, and the altered practices and politics of data.” Are you up to date with information on the schedule of the seminars? Click on the poster below to enlarge it and find out all the times, dates and topics of discussion for the upcoming talks.

design social science

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