Workshop with Joke Robaard and MA students

On Tuesday, Dutch artist and researcher Joke Robaard, who is also a lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, was a guest at Goldsmiths Design and held a lecture and a workshop for MA Fashion and MA Design Futures students.

Joke Robaard (centre) with Goldsmiths MA students

Joke Robaard’s work focuses on the interface between social-geographical research, cartography and photography, interconnecting these themes with philosophy as well as textile and fashion theory. Her lecture, centered on the notion of “Social Fabric,” explored relationships between professional and technical textile terminologies and their metaphorical use in political, cultural and sociological discourse.

After the lecture, the students were asked to make a 3D illustration or sample of their network with twine. The discussion that arose from these experiments illustrated the complexities of networks and helped us to visualize what we mean when we talk about the ‘social fabric’. (The information above is courtesy of MA Fashion course leader Ruby Hoette.)



You can see more photos from the workshop on our Facebook page here. 


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