IntelGalileo student workshops

The Design department at Goldsmiths has been sponsored with Intel Galileo development boards to use as a basis for all kinds of exciting projects. With this starting point, MA student Jonathan Flint is organising what he hopes will turn out to be a series of workshops with other students, in order to explore the potential of the board. „The whole notion is based around the fact that it is better to learn in a group rather than individually, and the last thing I wanted was to have this board and never use it. It is open for anyone interested, no one is an expert and we are all just learning how to use it from scratch”, Jonathan says. The first workshop will happen on Wednesday, February 5th, in room 211b of the Lockwood Building, starting 2 pm. Any Goldsmiths Design student can join, regardless of the course they’re on, so if you’re interested in developing something with the board, or just curious about how it works, don’t hesitate to show up!

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