Design and Social Science Seminar: Mapping Participation

design social science

The series of Design and Social Sciences seminars at Goldsmiths continues: on Wednesday, March 19th, the topic of the session is “Mapping Participation”, with Christopher Kelty from University of California, Los Angeles. Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect from the talk:

“How can one map the empirical transformations of a concept? The “Birds of the Internet” project explores internet-mediated participation by looking across a large number of cases evaluated for their “participatoriness.” Participation is clearly not an either/or proposition, but a concept and a phenomena with different signatures. However, we have no clear names for the different styles of participation that have emerged in the last decade, nor any clear understanding of how they relate to the large number of other “heteronyms” of participation in the past. In the talk, I will offer a proposal for differentiating these signatures of participation–volatile, stable and extractive–and some thoughts on the use of clustering and case-study methods to analyse the circulation of concepts and transformation in use.”

The seminar starts at 4 pm in room 137 of the Richard Hoggart Building. As always, entry is free.

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