PhD by Design

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“Phd by Design” is a conference that explores the messiness of practice-based research and it is organised by PhD students from the Design department at Goldsmiths. What’s it all about?
“The aim of this event is to vocalise, discuss and work through many of the topical issues of conducting a practice-based PhD in Design. It will enable early career design researchers to explore a variety of aspects of knowledge production within an academic institution. A secondary aim of the event is to share questions that emerge through doing practice-based research. Some of the questions we aim to tackle are:

+ What counts as practice-based research?
+ What are the politics of designing and conducting practice-based research?
+ Where are the boundaries of theory & practice?
+ How can we make practice-based research accountable?”

The conference will take place on 6 and 7 November this year, and if you want to get involved, as well as find out who else will be there, just go to the Phd by Design website.


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