MA Fashion lecturer at “Made of Mayfair” Artisan Walks

The MA in Fashion at Goldsmiths has a new staff member: Katherine May, lecturer in Design (Fashion and Textiles). And because all roads these days lead to the London Design Festival, we encourage you to become familiar with Katherine’s work at “Made of Mayfair” Artisan Walks, part of LDF- on Monday, her dyeing and quilting work will be showcased starting 10 am.

Here is Katherine’s description of the project:

“I will be installing a flower lab of local colours and scent, to produce a series of flower based textile dyes in response to the walk that traced the history of artisan practice in Mayfair from the 1800’s. During this time artisan dwellings and shops were supported by philanthropy and populated the streets in large numbers, so I was keen to unpack my studio in the high street space to make a link from this history with today’s concerns of reconnecting people with process and provenance. During the walk we visited a 300 years old perfumery that still remains a family business. I found a comparison between the process of making perfume and the process of making dye, with both involving unique combinations from nature and synthetics and both dyer and perfumer will act as an alchemist in the process of extracting and mixing.”

You can find more details about the event here. 

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