MA Design Intro for new students


A new academic year has started, with a new class of postgraduate students beginning their studies at Goldsmiths. MA Fashion course leader Ruby Hoette welcomed the new students with an MA Design Intro project, together with Katherine May and John Backwell, and she sent us word on how it went:

“The students were asked to bring an object with some special meaning or significance to them. In small groups, they introduced themselves using the object as a starting point and an insight into their previous experience, ideas and hopes expectations for their MA at Goldsmiths.”

You can see a sample of the portraits below:

” In the afternoon, each group received a map of the neighborhood surrounding Goldsmiths with a small part missing (cut out). They then had to go and explore this ‘hole in the map’ deciding as a group on methods of observing and documenting in order to present their findings and impressions to the rest of the groups back in the Nic Hughes studios. The following day the students visited the Disobedient Objects show at the V&A”.


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