Meet Ilaria Miniussi, new MA in Fashion student

We continue our series of posts introducing new postgraduate students! Today, we get to meet Ilaria Miniussi, who is on the MA in Fashion:


What is your background? What did you do before coming to Goldsmiths?

I come from the North-East of Italy, precisely from a region called Friuli-Venezia Giulia. My city is located near Trieste, very close to the border with Slovenia. My region is very particular, as it faces directly with East Europe, there are the sea and the mountains, just a couple of hours apart, we have so many different taste as cultures, dialects, history and food. I grew up with the passion for languages and fashion and this brought me to study at the Art High School in Gorizia, which is basically divided in two between Italy and Slovenia with a strong heritage of architecture, history and art. After the diploma, I studied Foreign Languages and Literature for a year and then I followed my passion, being admitted at the Faculty of Fashion Design at the University of Architecture of Venice (IUAV). During my BA I studied for six months in Spain as Erasmus Student, improving my knowledge in Spanish and fashion, studying at the University of Vigo, at the Art Department. After my degree in 2012 I started to design my own label #hilarieminù, which is still at the design phase,  as I am still studying what kind of contribution I could give in fashion. In 2013 I moved to London and I attended a short course of Visual Merchandising at Central Saint Martins. Seeing with my own eyes the ambient of an English university, I decided that I would have studied here as soon as I would have found the right university for my skills and competences.

Why did you choose Goldsmiths and why this particular course?

I chose Goldsmiths thanks to a friend who graduated here. I was looking for a place to improve my skills in research and design, a place where I would have not necessarily studied fashion design. I wanted to experiment and study other faces of fashion, so I found the MA in Fashion.

How do you feel about your choice now that you’ve started?

I’m totally satisfied. All the lecturers are very prepared, the place is full of inspirations, my colleagues of the Department of Design are really nice and I’m learning lots of important and cool things about how fashion can be different, sustainable and creative at the same time. I’m curious to start the new classes,  it feels like I’ve been here months already!

What’s the meaning of the object you chose for your MA Intro photo?

I chose a blank notebook because it represents myself when I started this MA. I would like to fill it with suggestions, stories, photographies, ideas, inspirations, projects, everything that can help me to develop the designer I want to become.



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