Meet Daniela Zlotogura, MA in Design Education student

Our quest to meet postgraduate students who started this year continues; today, we make acquaintance with another MA in Design Education student, Daniela Zlotogura.


What is your background?

I was raised in London and have been living in Spain for the last 6 years, working as a freelance graphic designer on a variety of different and interesting projects locally, nationally and internationally. A particular project/competition I won this year was to design an Hoguera (cultural sculpture). Another person and myself designed a 6-meter high sculpture, which used human kinetic energy in order to create movement. The sculpture was designed for a festival that takes place annually in Alicante to celebrate the solstice. On the last evening of the festival, all the sculptures in the city (over 100) are burnt to the ground leaving nothing but the mere possibility of taking part the following year with a new idea. Here is a link to the blog which followed the process throughout. 5 years before moving to Spain I studied Product Design at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and since have been exploring the medium of creativity in new and interesting ways. I also took time to travel for 18 months with a backpack, which has been a truly life changing experience for me, and influenced me in ways unimaginable.

Why did you choose Goldsmiths and why this particular course?

I chose Goldsmiths for its forward thinking approach to design and the future, it facilities and quality of education. I have to say that I am very pleased with my experience so far and I  feel fortunate to be here. I chose to study Design Education due to my design background and also experience in teaching which lead me to some fundamental questions, which I have already began to answer on this course, and I hope to be able to convey my opinions thoughts and vision through the course criteria.

What are your expectations for what’s to come?

Design Education has great importance to the future of our society and my intention is to be a part of it. I expect to clarify further my stance on design and education and hope to achieve functional solutions for this new age.

What’s the story of the item you have in the pic from the MA Intro day?

My photo from the intro panel is a picture of my picture being taken using an olloclip which is a contraption that fits snuggly on the IPhone allowing me to take pictures using three different lens, wide lens, Marco lens and fish eye lens. I enjoy very much the instantaneous capturing of images and editing that the small but powerful iPhone is capable of achieving.

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