Meet Andrew Denholm, MA in Design: Critical Practice student

Let’s start the new year with the last of our interviews with new MA students on their first term at Goldsmiths. Today, we meet Andrew Denholm, who is on the MA in Design: Critical Practice: 


What is your background? What did you do before studying here?

I studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art for 4 years. After graduating i have worked as a freelance illustrator and designer. I worked on lots of different projects from magazine illustrations to packaging designs. If you are interested in my work check it out at

Why did you choose Goldsmiths and why this particular course?

I wanted to go to Goldsmiths as i had visited the university and seen the fantastic facilities they have. I also had been to a graduation exhibition and seen the amazing work coming out of the school. The design department had some great courses but the Critical Practice course in particular was what gained my interest. It allows me to do lots of reading and learning while also getting to make new designs in the workshop. I found this to be a good balance for a designer.

How are you feeling about your choice now? What are your expectations for what’s to come?

I am really enjoying the course so far. It has been a huge learning curve but i feel that it is all very relevant and interesting. I hope to learn more computer software and start to get more hands on with making. The models we have chosen for next year will be really good.

What’s the story of your photo from the day of the MA Intro?

The photo shows my group holding up the laser cut masks i made. I put them up around town as street art so i thought they would be a good object to represent what i was doing at the moment as a designer.

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