Matthew Plummer-Fernandez launches art blogging bot

Digital artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, who is a Research Fellow in the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths, has created a tumblr bot that generates descriptions of abstract art. The project is called “Novice Art Blogger” and it is based on Deep Learning algorithms developed by scientists at the University of Toronto. You can read a description of the project on Matthew’s website. You can also follow the art blogging bot on Twitter!

Matthew’s idea has attracted attention from the press. In an interview for Dazed Magazine, he says: I think there is a value in having a machine describe art without the burden of prior art knowledge, art history, trends, and favouritism. It makes us reflect on whether art should be able to stand on its own and elicit unaffected experiences of art, or whether to read art we need that cultural context and formative background, or a mix of both”. The Novice Art Blogger has also been mentioned by Fast CoDesign, DailyDot, Pacific Standard magazine, Blouin Artinfo, Good magazine, etc.



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