Alex Wilkie discusses ‘Diagrams and Play’ with Kamini Vellodi

Dr Alex Wilkie (Leader of the MPhil/PhD programme in Design at Goldsmiths) will participate in a discussion with artist, academic and writer Kamini Vellodi at Laurie Grove Baths on 4 March 2015, an event organised by Unit of Play in the Department of Sociology. The title of the discussion is “Diagrams and Play: from Schiller to Deleuze, via Beethoven”:

Deleuze’s conception of ‘diagrammatics’ implicates a radicalised notion of play. This augments Schiller’s conception of play as the harmonic synthesis of the form impulse and the sensible impulse to reconceive play as the disjunctive synthesis of the sensible.

Marsha Rosengarten will chair the talk. More information can be found on the Goldsmiths website.

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