Goldsmiths Design graduate program

Some of you have asked us in the past whether it would be possible for alumni to return after graduation and use the workshop facilities- well, wonder no more! A pilot program to that exact purpose has been put into practice. Studio Manager Vinny Montag tells us more about it:

“The idea of offering a special temporary program for Design graduates has been in the minds of Andrew Weatherhead and Richard Brett (both senior workshop tutors in the Design department) for a long time.

Alumna Candyce Dryburgh at work


The aim of this initiative was to offer Goldsmiths Design graduates the opportunity to come back to campus and have a temporary studio space, as well as be able to use the workshops and book machinery for their own projects for a certain amount of time. Essentially, the idea was to create a program in which graduates can be enrolled as temporary students, in order to be able to use the campus facilities and be a professional designer at the same time. The first pilot program became a reality last January.

The general feedback from participants is really good. In the first program, ten graduates have benefited from the offered facilities and equipment, and for most of them this is a really good chance to produce their personal projects while also counting on the support and expertise of the staff.

After the pilot program, the aim of the Design department is to carry on offering this type of support to Goldsmiths Design graduates on a regular basis as a part of the development of our professional design strategy.”

In the following days we will feature interviews with some of the graduates involved in the pilot program.

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