MA graduate Yang Song wins A’ Design Award 2015

Yang Song, a 2014 graduate of our MA in Design: Critical Practice, has won the A’ Design Award for “Familiar and Unfamiliar”, a project developed at Goldsmiths and exhibited at last year’s Postgraduate Design Show. “Familiar and Unfamiliar” is comprised of moving furniture with clockwork mechanisms, handmade in the Goldsmiths workshops.

Yang explained for the A’ Design Awards website the idea behind the project: “The inspiration mainly comes from the memories of daily objects during my childhood. We cherish old objects as our close friends, because sometimes they could recall us the old times of ourselves. […] We are surrounded by thousands of fast-food products, our values as well as perceptions become “fast-food”. Consequently, the modern society is a familiar but unfamiliar world to us. Through this design oriented programme “Familiar and Unfamiliar”, I intend to explore the true meanings of daily objects in our everyday lives and the true meaning of life itself”.

You can read a more detailed description of the project on the website of the A’ Design Awards, where you can also find an interview with Yang Song.


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