MA in Design and Innovation student work showcase

What do the MA in Design and Innovation students really do on their course? Well, programme leader Mike Waller has allowed us to have a peek at some of the student work:

Student: Jingbo Zhang

Project Title: Experience Design -Encouraging Healthy Diets in Children

sandy food

Jingbo’s project researched the problems parents have in encouraging the healthy eating of their children. Through lots of experiments and making Jingbo designed a range of plates that parents could use to create more interactive eating. The outcomes were tested with a group of families. The parents really enjoyed the process of constructing the food with the children on each plate, and the children were more interested in the process of eating.

Student Background: Product Design; Currently an Academic in China teaching Experience Design/ Product Design.

Student: Kanni Lee

Project Title: Social Design- E-Waste LG Electronics

Kanni 2014_Page_05

Kanni Lee worked with LG Electronics on an innovation project that explored new forms of Mobile Phone design to reduce the negative social impacts of electronic waste. The project’s outcome was a new development model that addressed multi-lifecycles of products from LG Electronics in South Korea to disassembly and new markets in other countries.

Student Background: Strategic Communication Designer, now running their own studio

Student: Junqui Zhang

Project Title: Wellbeing and Health Communication for Women


Junqui project explored intergenerational communication between women in China. The project specifically focused on the social support for women in regard to menstruation. As an experienced communication designer, Junqui aimed to use design as a way of bridging the communication gap between women to help them discuss the emotional, healthcare and wellbeing issues of menstruation. Junqui developed a series of social and cultural events to be held in Beijing to celebrate menstruation.

Student Background: Communication Designer, now an Academic and Womens’ Health Advocate in China


More to come soon!



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