In Conversation: Jonnet Middleton and Mathilda Tham

The Goldsmiths Fashion Research Unit invites you to:

In Conversation: Jonnet Middleton and Mathilda Tham

Tuesday 16th June 2015, 2pm – 4pm
Design Department, Lockwood Building, Room 301
Goldsmiths, London SE14 6NW

This event marks the recent publication of the Routledge Handbook for Sustainability and Fashion co-edited by Professor Kate Fletcher and Professor Mathilda Tham. It gathers 28 chapters by authors who are both academics and practitioners including chapters by both Mathilda Tham and Jonnet Middleton.

Mathilda will speak about the process behind the book and then her practice of a systemic futures approach to fashion, which the book also reflects. Jonnet will speak on Mending, Mothering and Mattering which brings a maternal subjectivity to her research on mending drawing on Lisa Baraitser’s Maternal Encounters.

The two presentations will be followed by an informal conversation.

This event is free and open to the public.
Please RSVP to fashion[@]

Mathilda Tham’s work sits in a positive, creative and activist space between design, futures studies and sustainability. Originally a fashion designer, today Mathilda’s work is concerned with the design of futures scenarios for new ways of engaging with fashion, the design of processes of change and shared learning experiences, and the design of new research methods.

Jonnet Middleton is an art activist and PhD candidate at Highwire doctoral training centre for radical innovation in the digital economy, Lancaster University. Jonnet has a background in fashion design, prison education, ethnomusicology and Spanish TV presenting. Her PhD is titled ”The Age of Mending: New materialist futures for digital and non-digital things”

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