Open call for Silent Auction from alumna Clara Nissim

Recent BA Design graduate Clara Nissim has a message for Goldsmiths Design people:

“I’m organising a SILENT AUCTION on the 2nd of September in Goldsmiths (310 NX road space) to raise some funds for a small charity supporting children’s education in Haiti.
If your work gest sold you get 40%, and 60% goes to the charity.
It has to be 2D.
Anyone from the design department is welcome to submit some work. It can be old work or new work, bits of your process, personal project, side practice, experiments, anything you want. Just something that you think someone would want in their living room.
A few former coursemates and I will make a coherent selection.
Send your stuff in low resolution at claranissim[@]
DEADLINE : 10th of August
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Looking forward,

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