MULTIPLEXER journal launch

“MULTIPLEXER is a biannual book-zine produced by Vehicles for Experimental Practice & Goldsmiths Design Department as a place where the signs describing and constructed reality _ graphics, texts, music, comics, etc_ get analysed, manipulated, compressed and collided, to generate new forms and directions; each issue activated by a password acting as common denominator and entry-point to its content.

Issue ZERO _ Password CANNIBALIST collides inputs from Lucas Bertinotti & Fabio Stefanonni, JODI, Marguerite Humeau, Sarah Kember, Mark D’Inverno, Alexandra Midal, Noam Toran, Jimmy Loizeau, Michael Mouyal, Laura Potter, Stuart Bannocks, El Ultimo Grito, Charcoal, Social Mining Union, Oswald de Andrade, Naho Matsuda & Alicia Simpson.

For the occasion we are building an inflatable cinema installation at Goldsmiths Church on Hatcham Street, which will showcase short videos by POI, Lukas Valiauga and Michael Mouyal presenting the OPEN CALL to our next issue: MULTIPLEXER _ Issue ONE_ password GLITCH.

MULTIPLEXER Presentation _ WEDNESDAY 21st OCT_17:00 @ The Church GOLDSMITHS_Hatcham St _New Cross”

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