Graduate wins $60 000 grant for work developed at Goldsmiths

In 2014 Grace Tillyard, who recently graduated with an MA Global Media and Transnational Communications from the Department of Media and Communications, was working with the World Food Programme in Haiti when she met the head of the NGO Project Medishare’s Women’s Cancer Programme, Dr Vince DeGennaro.

In discussions with medical practitioners in the country, she learned that a major problem in cancer care is that women only visit a doctor when their disease is so advanced that they are beyond help. Chemotherapy and surgical interventions at this point are drastically less effective.

After taking a Methods and Processes of Innovation module in the Department of Design at Goldsmiths, Grace was introduced to new approaches to engaging with, researching, and understanding an audience. This learning contributed toward her work with Project Medishare in Haiti in co-creating a campaign to sensitise whole communities to the causes and effects of cancer.

You can read on the Goldsmiths website a detailed article on Grace and her experience while developing this project.

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