Inflatable cinema for the launch of MULTIPLEXER journal

Have you ever seen an inflatable cinema in a church before? This unusual setting is precisely what visitors were able to enjoy at the MULTIPLEXER launch event, last week in the St James church at Hatcham, New Cross. Short films by POI and Lukas Valiauga were projected on an inflatable installation.

The Design department at Goldsmiths and Vehicles for Experimental Practice launched Issue Zero of the book-zine MULTIPLEXER, which brings together contributions from Lucas Bertinotti & Fabio Stefanonni, JODI, Marguerite Humeau, Sarah Kember, Mark D’Inverno, Alexandra Midal, Noam Toran, Jimmy Loizeau, Michael Mouyal, Laura Potter, Stuart Bannocks, El Ultimo Grito, Charcoal, Social Mining Union, Oswald de Andrade, Naho Matsuda & Alicia Simpson. On the same occasion, a call for submissions to Issue One was opened.

You can see more images from the event on our Facebook page.

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