multiplexer OPEN lectures: JODI

JODI talk poster

On Friday, 29 January, Goldsmiths Design will host a lecture by art collective JODI, known for their original, ground-breaking web work. This is a great opportunity to hear them speak and become more familiar with their work! The talk takes place at 5 pm in room LG02 of the Professor Stuart Hall Building.

“JODI pioneered Web art in the mid-1990s. Based in The Netherlands, JODI were among the first artists to investigate and subvert conventions of the Internet, computer programs, and video and computer games. Radically disrupting the very language of these systems, including visual aesthetics, interface elements, commands, errors and code. JODI stages extreme digital interventions that destabilize the relationship between computer technology and its users by subverting our expectations about the functionalities and conventions of the systems that we depend upon every day.

Their work uses the widest possible variety of media and techniques, from installations, software and websites to performances and exhibitions. The JODI.ORG website launched in 1995.”

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