Bicycle recovery/giveaway

On Wednesday, Greening Goldsmiths tagged about 30 “abandoned” bikes across campus. (These are bikes that have been locked to the same bike rack for some time and whose owners don’t seem to want them anymore). As owners of tagged bikes are given 28 days to remove them off campus, students have until May 11th, at 12 noon to claim them back. After this deadline, all tagged bikes will be cut free and donated to the Abandoned Bike Giveaway scheme.

Students interested in getting a free bike should contact N.Hogan[@] or call/ text 07872839358 requesting to be put on the list, and then be present outside the Education Building with their student ID on May 11th at 12 noon, when the bikes will be given away on a first come, first served basis, with Goldsmiths students getting first refusal.

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