El Ultimo Grito exhibition: MALFICTIONS

The Galería Elba Benítez is pleased to present MALFICTIONS, an exhibition of new work by the London-based creative partnership El Ultimo Grito, opening April 22 in Madrid.

MALFICTIONS — the title is a conflation of the words “malfunction” and “fiction” — presents a series of works that explore the intersection of facticity, fiction and error in contemporary forms of representational experience. As El Ultimo Grito states:

In our digital age, we have all become accustomed to the growing proliferation of “glitches” — transitory malfunctions within the different systems that support our daily existence. But in reality, these glitches are intrinsic to how the system works — they are not real malfunctions but just ‘deficiencies’ of the system that we have not managed or do not really want to change or improve. The notion of ‘malfunction’ aims at perpetuating the representation / fiction of the system itself — hence our “Malfictions.” The capturing of the “glitch” is a sudden window opening onto the reality of the system, and when understood in this way we can start examining “glitches” in other systems in the same light — systems that are not limited to technology, but also politico-­socio-­economic systems, or systems of representation and communication.

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