Part-time Design internship at the Sound Lab

The Goldsmiths Careers service is recruiting for a part-time Design internship (paid role) at the Sound Lab; applications are open until 5 June.

Information about the role:

The Sound Lab is undertaking a large scale project, the ‘Sonic Seed Bank – Beckenham in Transition’. This piece will express the connections, history, and transitions of the park under the Copeland Estate’s supervision through research-based performance. Included in this will be extensive documentation of the collaborative nature of the work. The intern will be assisting The BBP Sound Lab Composers in designing the User Experience, brand, promotional image and aesthetics of the BPP SoundWalk app.

Applicants must be Design graduates and have the following skills:

  • Promotional design and branding for flyers, posters & online media.
  • Working with wireframes.
  • UX Interactions Architect (not an Information Architect).
  • Visual Design-based UX Design.
  • Concept making – problem solving within tech limits and budget constraints.

Students can see full details and info on how to apply on CareerSPACE.

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