BA Design graduation project in The Times

While the 2017 BA Design show HYPHEN is still open, one of the projects has already made an appearance in the press. Sydney Schaefer used her own saliva as a fermentation agent for a range of alcoholic drinks. Today, Sydney’s project was featured in The Times:

For the perfect pina colada take some chilled pineapple juice and mix it with the freshest coconut. Add a little Malibu and sugar and stir. Then, of course, finish off with lashings of fermented human saliva.

Brick Lane in London is used to serving trendy drinks to the East End’s novelty-hungry hipsters. Few will have tasted a drink quite as novel as this.

As part of her end-of-degree art show Sydney Schaefer, 23, from Goldsmiths, University of London, has harnessed the amylase enzymes in her own saliva to produce alcohol for a project exploring other uses for things humans make naturally.

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