Dewi Uridge on the process of making this year’s Goldsmiths Prize trophy

BA Design student Dewi Uridge, who created this year’s Goldsmiths Prize trophy (eventually won by Nicola Barker), provides us with some insight into his process:

“I was fortunate to be asked to design and make the trophy for this year’s Goldsmiths Prize. I had one guideline to stick by: to ensure the logo of the award was present. The shape of the logo was discovered from an eighteenth century novel by Tristram Shandy, and was created to represent the movement of a wand swaying in the air.

I wanted to transform the shape from its two-dimensional quality to a 3D object. I began by drawing the shape on Rhinoceros (a CAD software) to create it into a 3D form. I extruded and pulled different parts of the original shape to make it more ‘life-like’, and once I had the shape 3D-printed, I was able to visualise what potential the shape had to then turn into a trophy.Read More »

Design student Dewi Uridge created this year’s Goldsmiths Prize trophy

Every year, Goldsmiths Design students conceive and create a trophy for the Goldsmiths Prize, which rewards fiction at its most novel. This year, the trophy was designed and made by third year BA Design student Dewi Uridge.

On 15 November, Nicola Barker’s novel “H(a)ppy” was announced as the winner of the 2017 Goldsmiths Prize. The shortlist also included works by Will Self, Sara Baume, Kevin Davey, Jon McGregor and Gwendoline Riley.