Musée des Refusés: Refusal, Renunciation, Resistance

We’re starting the first year of our new MA in Design: Expanded Practice with an all-day conference featuring an amazing line-up of speakers!

When: 3 October 2017, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Where: Hexagon, Lockwood Building

The archetypal museum is a concretization of the Enlightenment ‘knowledge project’. It is a storehouse of knowledge; gathering examples, categorising and classifying them and defining a field of knowledge and practice. This archetypical museum is a place to collect, preserve, interpret, and display items of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance (a) for the edification of publics, (b) as resources for the contemplation of ‘expert’ communities and/or (c) to act as a safety deposit to preserve things that have been deemed to be of cultural and historical importance (who deems them ‘important’ is a moot matter).

Morning: Perspectives
Catherine Ince: ‘Rationales for Refusal’
Dee Halligan: ‘Museum Says No: A Strategists Take on Reasons Museums Don’t, Can’t or Shouldn’t Acquire’
Oli Stratford: ‘The Amazing Collapsing Journal’
Kristina Rapacki: ‘The Museum of Failure’

Afternoon: Alter Museums 
Alexandra Midal: ‘Ho(l)me(s) Sweet Home: Design and Serial Killing at the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution’
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez: ‘Your Output My Input’
Carl Clerkin: ‘The Learned Society of Extra Ordinary Objects’
Maki Suzuki: ‘Do You Want Me to Give a Guided Tour of My Wallet, Then?’

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