MUTAGEN/ Musée des Refusés: MAID/ MADEP joint exhibition

Next week, the 2017 graduating class of the MA in Interaction Design, and current students of the MA in Design: Expanded Practice will exhibit their work in a joint show in the St James Hatcham gallery, MUTAGEN/Musée des Refusés.

Opening times:

Thursday, 14 December: 4-9 pm (private view)

Friday, 15 and Saturday, 16 December: 10 am- 6 pm

Mutagen is a set of projects from the fourth graduating cohort of MA Interaction Design at Goldsmiths. This diverse and inventive group have accomplished a huge amount during their 15 month programme, not least in the strategies they have developed to take on the demands of the courses they undertake. You will see how their graduating projects mix empirical and speculative approaches, while responding to human computer interaction, interaction design and co-design, and grappling with social theory. Come and see these projects, and speak to the people who have articulated individual and bold routes through the entanglements that characterise an expanded field of Interaction Design.

The Musée de Refusés (based on the Salon de Refusés) is a space in which what is rejected by museums, cultural institutions and/or by society as a whole may claim attention. There may be many reasons for the rejection; but essentially the ‘refused’ is not considered to be the sort of thing the museum or other cultural authorities are looking for. The Musée de Refusés contains the kind of things that are not of interest, concern or use to society … often times determined not to be in society’s ‘best’ interest.

Any rejection is inevitably reciprocally constituted; the thing rejected, in its very rejection, rejects the authority that rejects it. So when an ‘authority’ (a museum) with an encysted (insisted) ideology, through an instituted juridical process, refuses to embrace what a work is or does, the work, in turn rejects the regular expectations, systems of validation and ultimately, the constitution of that authority.

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