2019 MA Design Expanded Practice show: Confluence

Confluence poster


  • Thursday 12th December, 6-10pm: Press and Industry Night
  • 13th to 16th December, 10-5pm: Open to the public


  • MA studios (Lockwood Building), St James Hatcham Church (ground floor), and 310 New Cross Road.

“One definition of confluence is the flowing together of two or more streams to become a larger river. There is something beautiful in the paths each stream traces; however, our Public Programme looks at the junction where they all come together.

The work of the 103 students that make up the 2018-2019 MA Design Expanded Practice cohort is certainly worth individual attention, but we put forth that arranging and viewing the work collectively demonstrates the expansion of practice.

With individual hopes, aspirations and solving for unique problems,expanding practice involves thinking beyond ourselves—thinking of an audience, a reader, a listener; thinking of each other as collaborators, co-creators, co-researchers;  recognising our environments as contexts and sites that our work is necessarily situated in; considering the methods we are comfortable with and the ones we challenge ourselves to try; recalling the history of thought that came before us and   imagining into the distant future, designing for one thousand years from now.

Organising work by format: object, film, publication, live work, and large-scale,we intentionally let work that engages with different concerns sit together. Navigating  our practices this way is not intended to highlight the formats chosen, but to allow for an exhibition experience where concepts crossover and blend—evoking the same experience of being in the MA itself, where the programme allows for the exploration of ideas to wind up where they may.

We now know that expansion turns into contraction. The sprawling thought  and action that moves beyond the individual distills into something concentrated; the wild-ranging concepts and methods  take new shapes. From an array of present-day contradictions—serendipitous, relational, evolving design forms emerge and converge.”

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