“Happy Birthday to Tree”: Hong Kong exhibition by MA graduate UUendy Lau

Designer and artist UUendy Lau (MA Design: Critical Practice) is sending us news of her latest exhibition, which takes place in Hong Kong until 28 November 2021:

“Venue:The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan, HONG KONG

Have you touched a leaf with your eyes closed and tried to imagine it transforming from a crisp indigo at infancy to a mature, vibrant green and, finally, a withering, pale yellow? Every shade illustrates its remarkable existence; and every hue is its effort in communicating to us its story.

The Mills has invited designer-artist UUendy Lau, UU to present an exhibition on natural dye, titled “Happy Birthday to Tree”, of which she created three installation pieces with natural dyes and conducts experiments on natural colours. UU takes inspiration from her upbringing in Tsuen Wan and tells a story about a girl and a tree. The narrative inspires artistic observation and explores the colours of the Earth through the lenses of flowers, leaves and branches. Her artwork includes pre-exhibition workshops conducted with different organisations including Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired and St. James’ Settlement Project Care Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. The activities welcome community members to explore the impeccable relationship between man and nature, and how nature speaks to us in her beautiful swashes.

Natural dyeing has long been in our history books and underscores cultural tales from around the world. It’s not just an environmentally friendly way of dying our fabrics, but each dexter has a different craft, meaning every product is a unique art piece that illustrates our story with nature.”

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