TWO DAYS TO GO! Visit the 2022 BA Design degree show, “Where Are The Margins”

Follow the exhibition’s official Instagram account: @wherearethemargins_ and visit the website for more information and detailed introduction of each student’s work. 

As the world changes, social structure shifts and overlaps. Values are swept up in cultural currents, colliding with others’ beliefs as ideas integrate with other people’s views and become a larger piece. In a world of ideologies in constant motion, our ideas formulate when considering their perception of reality and circumstance. 

The 2022 BA Design students navigate this phenomenon of their visible and invisible margins in the degree show. There will be a variety of work on display from all 86 students. Their design learning has taught them to be innovative, experimental and collaborative. But there has always been space for solo practices, showcased through ceramic, film, performance, sculpture, photography, woodworking and metalworking to name a few. 

In asking Where are the margins? They explore and define their own practices; beginning to comprehend where they, as designers, situate themselves within society, mapping their trajectory. They can then orient themselves against and amongst each other, improving by their collaboration and interpretation of each other’s projects; integrating and transmuting different elements into a more coherent whole. When their lines of interests intersect and overlap, concepts bleed out into new compositions and their work becomes marginalia.

When?  24th -27th June,2022

Where? Copeland Gallery and South Kiosk, Copeland Park, Peckham London SE15 3SN

Free entrance! 

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