PhD student Olga Noronha enjoying success with her jewellery work

Jewellery designer Olga Noronha, who is currently a PhD student at Goldsmiths Design, is having some very busy and successful times these days in her home country of Portugal. Her “Medically Prescribed Jewelry”, which has been previously featured on this blog, is being exhibited at the Municipal Gallery in Matosinhos until November 2nd; meanwhile, Olga has had a solo catwalk show at Lisbon Fashion Week with the same collection, as well as another show at Porto Fashion week where she provided accessories for fashion designer Elisabeth Teixeira.

If you are still not impressed, Olga is also going to be featured in a TEDx Talk in Portugal at the end of November. Watch the video to see Olga’s show from Lisbon; if you want to refresh your memory, our interview with her is over here (and have a look at her website as well).

Design a Christmas card for Goldsmiths


It’s that time of the year again, when we’re starting to think about the Winter holidays (only two months away!) so Goldsmiths needs your help to create an amazing Christmas card, students! The competition is open to all current students and closes on November 11 at 10 am. The entry must be your own work for which you own the copyright, and it must focus on either a “Winter” or “myGoldsmiths” theme.

You can find more details and the application form HERE. 

Research funding for the Design Star Consortium

We are very happy to announce that the Design Star Consortium, a collaboration between the University of Reading, Loughborough University, Brighton University, the Open University and the Design Department at Goldsmiths, has been awarded £2.2 million in funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The AHRC funds will be matched with similar amounts from the universities and will be used to support around 60 PhD researchers over the next five years, a great investment in the design research of the future. You can expect to hear more on this from us soon, but until then, you can read the official press release from the University of Reading HERE.

“Michael” BA Design show 2012

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember last year’s BA Design show “Michael”, as we have ready for you a video with a few interviews of exhibiting graduates explaining what their projects were about and how they worked.

The graduates featured here are Tessa Lawer, Ed Fyfe, Olivia Clemence and Henrietta Jadin (but there are more to come). Olivia’s project was also featured on the blog here.