Design students talk about the process of creating this year’s Goldsmiths Prize trophy

As in previous years, the trophy for the 2018 Goldsmiths Prize for fiction was designed and made by Goldsmiths Design students. This year’s designers Maja Nordblom and Samuel Warren describe the process of creating the trophy:

“After being commissioned to design and make the trophy for the 2018 Goldsmiths Prize, we began discussing and drawing out possible designs. We realised quite quickly what materials and compositions we could utilise in order for our trophy to stand out and most importantly be unique from previous years. Therefore, we decided to focus on casting, incorporating a metal structure and weight to the trophy. We wanted the final object to not include a base, rather making it unique as a free standing sculptural object. We realised the incorporation of metal dusts into the casting process gave the piece enough weight and stability alone. The form of the object is the official logo of the literary prize, which before this year had only been incorporated as a smaller part of the trophy itself.Read More »

Goldsmiths Prize winner announced, receives trophy made by Design students

“The Long Take” by Robin Robertson, a novel in verse on post-war America, is the winner of the 2018 Goldsmiths Prize, which rewards fiction “that breaks the mould or extends the possibilities of the novel form”. The winner was announced yesterday in a ceremony at the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, and received a trophy made (as in previous years) by Goldsmiths Design students.

The 2018 Goldsmiths prize trophy, with Design students Maja Nordblom and Samuel Warren
The 2018 Goldsmiths prize trophy, with Design students Maja Nordblom and Samuel Warren

You can read more about “The Long Take” and its author on the Goldsmiths website.

1.1 +1: First year project

For their first brief on the BA Design course, first year students were asked to choose, analyse and define a V&A collection, whether materially, conceptually, politically, or in terms of use or meaning. They were then asked to design one more object that belongs with the collection based on their rationale. Here are some photos from the mini-show exhibiting the outcomes:

The brief is a first reflection on the sessions students have undertaken previously this term in two weeks of introductory Technical Studies, and one week of Methods and Processes. More photos of the exhibition can be found on Flickr.

BA Design show 2018: “D//U//A//T”

D//U//A//T, the BA Design final project by Charlie Witter and Tom Gavriel, resulted in a musical performance unlike any other at this year’s graduation show. You can watch the performance in the video above, but what’s the idea and the process behind it? Tom explains:

“The performance was the culmination of a chaotic passage through a shared project which deals with mythic patterns and unconscious wanderings.

Charlie and Tom started to work together once a week by making t-shirts based on characters they would meet along their travels; this would later become an integral part of their practice. In order to further bring their stories and characters to life, they enlisted a group of musicians over Gumtree to become the troubadours of their tales. This group included superhero rapper Mr.Grimez, actor Frederick Roll, guitarist Vitaly Yasinsky and Richard Winstanley from ‘Baffy the Band’. In the first session they entered blindly, with no musical experience, but have become excited about the creation of spectacle and noise.

The creation and seeking out of weird and eerie artefacts has also driven their practice, and for Frederick, the lead tragedian of the tale, backed by his travelling band, they have created a sonic trolley which records and projects cosmic sounds into ordinary spaces.

Moving forward, we are excited to announce this is our first contact made with reality, and there is plenty more to come. D//U//A//T are looking for a band manager, money and the final couple of members for the travelling band to join us on our voyage into the unconscious.

We would also like to thank all of the members of staff at Goldsmiths Design Department – this has only been possible due to the freedom of exploration fuelled within the course.

Finally; we are crazy and we’re not going anywhere.”

You can hear more of the team’s studio sessions on Soundcloud, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, or email them at