Communication and Experience work-in-progress exhibition: MACHINE GURNING

It’s clear we’re malfunctioning. The love affair we’ve had with technology is well beyond the honeymoon period, and we’re stuck in a dreary relationship. While AI and machine learning were meant to take care of menial tasks and free us up for high functioning behaviours, we haven’t got a clear idea of what these new behaviours are. Instead of freeing us up for leisure, these technologies have been most successful in keeping invisible human labour invisible. Bummer. MACHINE GURNING is a work in progress exhibition by MA Design Expanded Practice- Communication & Experience students about the end of the party. Have a look at the online show website by April 25th!

Crafts Council Crafting Business programme for makers

Crafts Council are launching a programme for makers: Crafting Business. This is open to emerging makers (between 1 & 4 years in business) based in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  Please can you help spread the word.  Deadline for applications is 31 March 2021

Crafting Business is part of a Creative European funded project to provide business training skills to makers across Europe. Eight countries (including the UK) will be delivering their own respective training programmes in 2021 supporting up to 200 makers.

Find out more from the Crafts Council website

Artistic Collaboration Opportunity for Students at Ken Griffiths Bureau

The Ken Griffiths Bureau, a young and vibrant foundation supporting emerging creatives, is launching a new exciting project based on the iconic photograph of Princess Margaret; 20 artists are reinterpreting the shot taken by Griffiths in 1985, these 20 new pieces will be part of a printed publication that will also include information about the artists and other pieces of writing.

We are looking for a student/graduate to design the book and offer an innovative, fresh, and contemporary take on the publication. Someone who can challenge the whole idea of what a book can be. In addition to obtaining the commission, we will award the selected designer with a cash prize of 300£, upon completion of the work. On top of that, they will receive a percentage of the book sales and software costs will be covered.

Please note that the project is not intended as a celebration of the monarchy nor a deliberate act of critique towards it. Rather, we aim to encourage fresh perspectives and dialogue over themes that are now more than ever important for us as a society. We are excited to find a talented designer to join us in this ambitious project!”

Bringing film worlds to life: Interview with alumna Elaine Xu, production designer

If you have a UK Netflix or US HBO Max subscription, you may stumble upon a charming short film called “Dolapo is fine”, in which a young Black girl faces pressure to change her natural hair and her name. Goldsmiths alumna Elaine Xu (BA Design 2018) was the production designer for the film,  her second job in cinema and one of her many skills alongside curation, design consulting or marketing. But what is a production designer exactly, what do they do, and what kind of abilities do you need for it? Elaine talks about working in this field and others, and how her Goldsmiths experience helped her career:

Elaine on the set of "Dolapo is fine"
Elaine on the set of “Dolapo is fine”. Photo by Helen Murray,

How did you become a production designer for films?

I’ve always liked building sets. My third year project at Goldsmiths was about cultural conservation, how to preserve intangible culture before it disappears completely, and the final presentation at the degree show was a Chinese Tea Ceremony installation. My tutor at the time was Nick Mortimer, who worked a lot in theater and provided me with a lot of knowledge on building sets. Production design for film was a surprise pathway.  When a friend asked me to work on the production design for a short film in Tuscany [Drowned, directed by Daria Kocherova], at first I hesitated because I didn’t have any experience in films, but I decided to give it a go anyway. Continue reading “Bringing film worlds to life: Interview with alumna Elaine Xu, production designer”