Connections: MA Fashion students on their first brief

IMG_2729Goldsmiths Design’s first class of MA Fashion students are just getting to know each other, and what better way to bond than working together? For their first brief, Connections,the students brought old clothing items they no longer wear and stitched them together into a quilt that will be officially presented to the world on Friday. The project is part of the course’s focus on sustainability and its definitions for this term. Continue reading “Connections: MA Fashion students on their first brief”

Marion Lean: design without labels

 Marion Lean, a graduate of our MA in Design: Critical Practice, aims to take people back to the physical. “It’s not the same as on the phone, or on the Internet. Meeting in real life, you understand the personality of the person you’re talking to.” Continue reading “Marion Lean: design without labels”

Everything you wanted to know about the re-launched MA Design Futures

The new term is almost here, and with it, quite a few changes will arrive at Goldsmiths. For instance, the Design department is offering a new and improved MA Design Futures, bringing you the latest research, new projects and new course content. One of the course convenors, Hannah Jones, tells us more about the changes in the programme and what can the students expect from the MA course from now on:

Q: What does it mean exactly that the course is re-launched? How does it differ from what was offered in the previous entry year?

A: Design Futures is the longest running MA programme in the department and one of the first MA programmes at Goldsmiths. It was originally written and launched in 1995 by Emeritus Professor John Wood, with the aim of encouraging designers to ‘dream’ of new and exciting ‘futures’, and in response to a lack of discussion in design about business ethics and the role of the natural environment in our lives. Continue reading “Everything you wanted to know about the re-launched MA Design Futures”

The medically prescribed jewellery of Olga Noronha

Health problems that require surgical intervention can be traumatizing in more than one way, even when they are not life-threatening. In addition to physical pain, patients also have to deal with the psychological discomfort of knowing their bodies invaded by foreign objects and subjected to procedures over which they have no control. The work of Portuguese jewellery designer Olga Noronha (who is currently a PhD student at Goldsmiths Design) aims to put a positive spin on these experiences by allowing patients to get involved and to make themselves more beautiful on the inside in the process- literally. Continue reading “The medically prescribed jewellery of Olga Noronha”