2019 MA Show “Confluence” preview: Daniel Whitcroft

This year’s MA in Design: Expanded Practice degree show, “Confluence” will be open to the public on 13-16 December. As we approach the day of the exhibition opening, we’re giving you a preview of the diverse projects that will be on display. Today, we’re looking at the practice statement of Daniel Whitcroft:

Work by Daniel Whitcroft

“A century has now passed since Edward Gordon Craig first wrote of the Uber-Marionette and still no one truly knows what the theatre practitioner was talking about, although many have offered theories, ultimately no conclusive evidence exists that can support any of the proposed hypotheses. Continue reading “2019 MA Show “Confluence” preview: Daniel Whitcroft”

2019 MA Design Expanded Practice show: Confluence

Confluence poster


  • Thursday 12th December, 6-10pm: Press and Industry Night
  • 13th to 16th December, 10-5pm: Open to the public


  • MA studios (Lockwood Building), St James Hatcham Church (ground floor), and 310 New Cross Road.

“One definition of confluence is the flowing together of two or more streams to become a larger river. There is something beautiful in the paths each stream traces; however, our Public Programme looks at the junction where they all come together. Continue reading “2019 MA Design Expanded Practice show: Confluence”