MA student Becca Rose displayed work at Now Play This festival

Last weekend, Somerset House hosted “Now Play This”, a three-day event dedicated to games and play, part of London Games Festival. Becca Rose, who is a student on our MA in Design Education, was one of the designers presenting their work; her project, “Phonebook”, was included in the “Strange Controllers” showcase on Sunday morning.

Phonebook is “a playful way of telling stories using a phone or tablet with intricately cut out pages of a book. The traditionally bound pop-up book connects paper pages to your phone to trigger magical animations that tell the story.”

Becca told us that she had an amazing time at the festival: “Such a great community and I feel so lucky to be part of it! I shared the latest iteration of my book design and then had an interview with The Guardian games editors on stage. The response to the book was really great -lots of testing, breaking, and ideas for development.”

(photos courtesy of Becca Rose)

MA student assembling biography of the word “slag”

If you’re looking for an entertaining read today, we may have an adequate suggestion: MA in Design Education student Lili Golmohammadi is exploring the origins of the word “slag” (mostly known today as a very British insult), as part of her research into the materiality of language. Lili’s website “Slagipedia” includes definitions, uses of the word in advertising and pop culture and even an opera song about it!

(And if you want to know more about Lili, you can re-read our interview with her).