“Iterations” preview: projects on Black British feminism and neurodiversity

The first ever graduation show for the MA in Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths will be open to the public on 14-16 December 2018. As we approach the day of the exhibition opening, we’ll be giving you a preview of the diverse projects that will be on display. Today, we’re looking at the graduation projects of Lisa George and Thomas Goldstone.


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Iterations- the first MA Design: Expanded Practice degree show

  • Press and Industry Private View: 13 December 2018, 6 pm
  • Public opening: 14-16 December

Fifteen months is the time it takes for the earth to cycle once around the sun, and a little bit more. In this time, 101 humans from 28 different countries came together for the first iteration of the new MA Design: Expanded Practice, here at Goldsmiths University of London.

Being the first year of the course, we aimed to create a path for those who follow, in which processes are constantly evolving, traditions are shifting and influencing the trajectory of design.

Bringing post-disciplinary design to the forefront of academia, we have developed a conscious space around us, personally and publicly, that considers the environment, access and intersectional social contexts. We embody experiences, to strengthen how we design, communicate, participate, interact and innovate.

This exhibition presents work at the culmination of this period of study, acting as a crucial point that marks the start of the next chapter in our individual practices. Our multicultural community has encouraged the exchange of knowledge and skills, resulting in the redefinition of design practices, methods and language.

This is the beginning.

MA Design: Expanded Practice students tackle fresh brief in new studio space

Starting this year, MA students in the Design department have the use of new studio spaces based in the Lewisham & Southwark College (LESOCO) campus at Deptford Bridge, a short walk from the main Goldsmiths campus. (Design students shouldn’t be too worried about missing out on the Goldsmiths vibe and connections: the MFA in Fine Art studios are also based at LESOCO.)  On the day these photos were taken, the new studios were already abuzz with activity and work in progress.

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MA workshops with Professor John Wood

Emeritus Professor John Wood recently held two talks/workshops for MA in Design: Expanded Practice students. The complete talks are now available to watch online:

June 15th: “Which Came First – Designing or Writing?”

Why, as designers, might we want (or need) to write things down? This workshop challenged some assumptions about the tradition, nature and purpose of academic writing. It used images and texts in a way that helps balance a sense of curiosity with the need to communicate clearly.

June 29th: “A Minimum Grammar For Design Thinking”

This workshop developed some of the ideas offered in John’s last session. It briefly sketched out a strategic and comprehensive method (developed at Goldsmiths) to help balance the designer/author’s aims and responsibilities with the full implications of their chosen topic.