AutoHoodening: The Rise of Captain Swing

In time for the holidays, Captain Swing returns from past worker uprisings in a consciousness-raising custom for the age of A.I. Capitalism. A folk opera, based on worker testimonies and interviews with union organisers, written and produced collectively by Post Workers Theatre and Infinite Opera, with costumes from James Frost and Lottie Wood. 

The full film is available to watch online until January 10th (Plough Monday):

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Visit the 2021 MA Design degree show, “Stretch the Spring”

When? 13-17 December 2021

Where? Lockwood Building (Goldsmiths main campus) and LeSoCo Deptford

“We have stretched, examined, unpicked, and expanded our roles as designers. Whilst breaking the boundaries and confinements of traditional design, we have explored new ways of positively adapting our contemporary and future societies through the power of advanced design practices.

We are MA Design Expanded Practice 2021.

We are a community of practice.”

Visit the show website where more information about student projects will be available soon.