MA student work to be screened at the Swiss Church

Image credit: Yihan Niu

‘Road Movie’ is a collaborative project between the MA Design: Expanded Practice programme at Goldsmiths, University of London and CAMPER. The students participating in the project were asked to explore and engage with CAMPER’s idea of the Walking Society through the discovery and exploration of the city.

“Walking means traveling – going from one place to another. It also means advancing, improving, developing, innovating. The Walking Society is a virtual community open to everyone: to diverse social, cultural, economic and geographic backgrounds. Individually as well as collectively, it champions imagination and energy, bringing useful and positive ideas and solutions to better the world. In a simple and honest way.” CAMPER Walking Society

“Design always acts as an ‘inbetweener’, a narrative connection between two distinct points in time and space. The nature of this connection, its material and conceptual range (how fast, how efficient, how immediate, how long, how ornate, how timely, etc) is informed by the contextual and ideological framework of ‘the possible’, which lies at its origin”. Professor Roberto Feo, Goldsmiths, University of London

Image credit: Xiao Zhu

In road movies, travelling is used as a narrative device that allows the writer or director to piece together a story through a series of chance encounters which obstruct the protagonists’ progress of getting from A to B.  The traveller therefore can never be just an observant, a passer-by, or a flaneur. Their very existence sets off the series of combustions that create the story itself.

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Fashion Narratives 2021: Zhi-Ying Li

The Fashions & Embodiment studio of our MA in Design: Expanded Practice are currently exhibiting their work at the Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery, in a show titled “Fashion Narratives”.

Zhi-Ying Li, one of the students involved in the project, gives us some insight into the process behind the work on display:

“[As part of the brief] we were given a list of objects from the Goldsmiths textile collection with description, and we read through the document to choose one object for individual research.

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Fashion Narratives 2021 exhibition

The Fashions & Embodiment studio of our MA in Design: Expanded Practice are currently showing their work in progress at the Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery, in an exhibition titled “Fashion Narratives”.

The brief of the project required students to respond to the text-only description of an object from the Goldsmiths Textile Collection with their own research and outcomes. See the chosen objects below:

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Designers in Residence showcase: Cynthia Voza Lusilu

Goldsmiths Design MA graduate Cynthia Voza Lusilu is one of the 2020 Designers in Residence at the Design Museum; this programme had the emerging designers responding to the theme of Care.

The showcase is now online! Visit the website to find out more about Cynthia’s work exploring mental health provision for Black British communities.