The work of Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is making headlines

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez from Goldsmiths Design’s Interaction Research Studio is the creator of the Dissarming Corruptor, a free software designed to “distort” blueprints for 3D printing in such a manner that only another user with a certain key combination can reveal the true nature of the file and print the object. Since 3D printing is quickly becoming more popular and has already been the center of debates regarding legal issues and copyright versus user freedom, Matthew’s work is getting quite a bit of attention in the press, and it has appeared in a number of articles in the past couple of days.

Forbes and Wired UK have published detailed features on the topic of the Dissarming Corruptor and its implications; Matthew’s work has also made news on other websites such as PCWorld, Engadget, Dezeen and Geek, as well as in the international media (Neue Zuercher Zeitung,,  the German Engadget, etc).

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