Design Marketplace Spring Faire

design marketplace
The Design Marketplace at Goldsmiths in December 2012

Here’s an announcement from the Design Marketplace team:

“The Design Marketplace society is planning an event on the 28th March in the Great Hall of Goldsmiths all day, for a market / faire of fun and creativity brought to you by the artists, designers and musicians of Goldsmiths and beyond.

This time around the stalls are absolutely free, and makers get to keep all of the profits from the event. If people would like their own stall on the market we are asking them to let us know what kind of stall they would like to run and the things they are going to sell. There are no limitations, nothing is too big or too small! They can message us on Facebook or email us at

We are very excited to see what everyone has to offer!”

Join the Design Marketplace crew on their Facebook group.

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