First year student project making the news


First year BA Design students have been busy at work for a brief called “The Environment Keeps Happening to Me”, a project involving interventions that reclaim spaces and use them in an unconventional way. If you follow the hashtag #TEKHTM on Twitter, you can keep up to date with the ideas of different student groups (and how they are being put in practice). Here is, for example, a video of Group 6 staging an intervention at the Maritime Museum. The Flickr feed of lecturer Stuart Bannocks also provides images on the project.

One particular group has attracted quite a bit of attention: the Park Yourself project ended up in various news feeds, including BBC and iTV News (and here it is in News Shopper) for their idea of having a picnic in a car park in Greenwich, amongst automobiles. Before you ask: yes, they were in possession of a valid parking ticket!

(Screencap source: the Park Yourself Twitter account)

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