Opening Lecture at Goldsmiths Design Festival: Maarten Gielen of ROTOR

Rotor work: ‘Behind the Green Door’

In case you still weren’t convinced that our upcoming Goldsmiths Design Festival will be unmissable, we are proud to announce that we will open with a lecture from designer and researcher Maarten Gielen, founding member of Rotor collective, on 3 September at 7 pm. The lecture will take place in room LG02 of the Professor Stuart Hall Building, and it is free to attend: just book your place on the Goldsmiths website.

Rotor is “a group of architects, designers and other professionals interested in material flows in industry and construction, particularly in relation to resources, waste, use and reuse. Rotor disseminates creative strategies for salvage and waste reduction through workshops, publications and exhibitions.” It began in 2005 in Belgium, and in 2010 they represented their country at the 2010 Architecture Biennale in Venice. Amongst their many achievements, they curated ‘Ex Limbo’ for the Prada Foundation in Milan, investigating the architectural and scenographic elements of Prada and OMA fashion shows, as well  ‘Behind the Green Door’, an exhibition on the challenges facing sustainable architecture, at the 2013 Oslo Architecture Triennale. Last year, they created a separate spin-off identity called Rotor Deconstruction, which specialises in the dismantling of large-scale office interiors. Take your time going through  their website to find out more about Rotor’s many other groundbreaking projects.

Rotor work @ Bomel - Picture by Jean François Flamey - JeanFrancoisFlamey_31102014_4083
Rotor work: ‘Abbatoirs de Bomel’

From 3rd – 9th September Goldsmiths’ Department of Design opens its doors to the public for a week of free events bringing together some of the most significant names in the design industry and showcasing the incredible work of its staff and students.

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